Co-producing Desistance? How social cooperatives can inform innovations in social justice

European Society of Criminology, Porto, 2-5 September 2015

Desistance research recognises a significant, albeit contingent, relationship between participation in employment, desistance and social integration. Yet, with notable exceptions, developments in social policy and penal practices across Europe have made little progress in addressing barriers to and creating opportunities for employment for serving...Find out more

3rd February

The Relational ‘We’ in Social Morphogenesis

Centre for Social Ontology, Warwick

Centre for Sociology Ontology seminars (2014/15)

At this seminar, I will be discussing my empirical application of a relational realist analytic framework to illuminate the role of social groups or collectives, as social relations, in shaping and affecting outcomes for individuals and for groups. Using the morphogenetic sequence developed by...Find out more