16 November

Can social cooperatives resist the challenge of co-optation presented by neo-liberalism?

Beth Weaver, 16/11/15

The study of cooperatives is as diverse, wide-ranging, inter-disciplinary and international as the history, development and future of cooperatives themselves, of which social cooperatives, it would seem, represent just...Read On

18 August

Breaking News! ‘Co-producing Desistance’ soon to explore the Swedish approach – by Beth Weaver

Since I returned from Italy at the end of June, I have been analysing the interviews I conducted there. I spoke to 22 serving and former prisoners / cooperative employees and 18...Read On

22 May

Reproducing Co-Production and Upscaling Innovation: The Growth of Forums Supporting Desistance – by Hannah Graham

This guest post offers reflexive discussion of the challenges and opportunities of reproducing and upscaling co-productive forums and ventures which support desistance. Consideration of the impact of growth and change on...Read On

8 May

On Knowing and Being Known: Trust and Legitimacy in ‘Co-Producing Desistance’ by Hannah Graham

This guest post reflects on issues of trust and legitimacy as they relate to people with convictions and experiences of punishment, and the co-productive forums and relationships in which they take...Read On

28 April

Employment and Desistance: What’s the relationship and what can we do?

Employment and Desistance: Beth Weaver, April 2015*

*References available on request

From: Weaver, B (forthcoming, 2015) Offending and Desistance: The Significance of Social Relations, Routledge:...Read On

5 February

To the power of three: The nine things you need to know about The Skill Mill.

Operating in an ever changing youth justice system within an ever changing public sector is a huge challenge. Understanding the drivers...Read On

9 December

The Thistle MAG celebrates its first birthday

Tonight we are celebrating the first birthday of our former prisoner mutual aid group, the Thistle MAG. I will be writing more about how and...Read On

27 November

Coproducing Desistance: What role for social cooperatives?

Across the UK, and indeed further afield, increasing political, professional and public concern has been expressed about the economic, social and human costs of the increasing use...Read On